Researching and selecting a highly qualified marksmanship instructor is very difficult these days as there is a veritable plethora of weapons trainers and masters of fluff.

Many have the “credentials” (including Concealed Handgun License (San Antonio CHL)) and sadly to say, lack sufficient instructor experience. Although we applaud institutions for developing and implementing an instructor certification course, they are usually only a couple of days and “bingo,” you’re a certified instructor. Sure, instructor candidates have demonstrated they can handle a firearm safely and have passed both written and practical examinations. But what is their teaching experience? Having weapons knowledge and being able to pass this along to students in an easy to understand method are two very different skill sets.

In addition to 10+ years of Law Enforcement experience and a minimum of 5+ years in the classroom, our certified weapons instructors have attended and graduated an 8-week DOD weapons instructor school (not a couple of days). To graduate, they must master every facet of multiple weapon systems, as well as pass three practical teaching evaluations from a Master Certified instructor on each weapon system. Furthermore, instructors have minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university.

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